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Nowadays, solar panels rebates have become very popular incentives for commercial and residential power users to begin using solar energy. Solar panel system generates electricity from sunlight through its cells. A rebate is an idea from a government that helps to subsidize the price of installing panels. This makes it more affordable for all groups of people whether they are rich or middle class.

There are various rebates around the world, and they are different in each state and country. However, most countries now simply have a feed-in-tariff scheme which subsidizes the price of installing a solar system.

As solar rebate offers financial support to businesses, households and community groups, so they can produce solar power on their own by installing small-scale electricity systems. Solar credits are provided in the form of RECs’ (Renewable Energy Certificates) for people who have installed a new system. The level of support provided by solar credits depends on the cost of RECs and the location and size of the solar panel system.

The latest solar credit scheme is now very beneficial; save thousands off a grid connected solar system. Businesses, homeowners and community groups are eligible for this rebate program. There are a number of rebates available for solar system that includes STCs (small-scale renewable energy scheme) and FIT (feed-in-tariff). In FIT scheme, the extra power that you don’t use is feed into the grid. The amount paid to you per kWh for that unused electricity produced by a solar power system. Feed-in-tariff depends on the energy provider and the state.

You can literally save many dollars on grid connected and off grid solar panels if you go for one of the solar panel rebates or grants. The latest solar rebate scheme means that installing a solar system and producing solar power is a significantly viable investment. It is the government’s commitment to reduce the amount of electricity in the grid. The quantity of rebate and the eligibility situations vary from state to state. Even within a same country, there may be variations.

In the UK, many people are enjoying grants up to 2,500 pounds that can be rewarded both for solar hot water and solar panel systems. US people are getting advantage from rebates that may range from zero to above $26,000.

It’s time to find your eligibility for a rebate. While some governments need you to be an inhabitant of the place for a fixed time period, some others may have ceiling on the rebate that a single house can get benefit. A few governments sometimes use property value and personal income as a scale to consider the valid rebate and sometimes, seasonable rebates are also offered to solar energy users.

It is necessary to discover whether you are eligible or not for the rebates before installing solar panels. It is possible that sometimes, the rebates may be applicable only for specific panels. Get a clear idea about whether you can get benefit from rebates and tax or not.
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